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Carjacking Defense in Virginia

Richmond Criminal Defense Attorney

Need an attorney for your carjacking case in Richmond? Carjacking is a very serious offense in Virginia and can lead to penalties ranging from 15 years up to life in prison. Carjacking draws a great deal of attention and the police and prosecution tend to respond aggressively. Additional charges that may stem from a carjacking allegation can include theft charges and weapons charges.

The crime of carjacking itself occurs when the offender takes another person's car with the intention of either temporarily or permanently possessing that person's car and the alleged offender gains that person's car by:

  • Striking or beating the victim.
  • Assaulting the victim.
  • Causing the victim to fear injury.
  • Threating the victim with a firearm or another deadly weapon.

Carjacking is often considered as a form of robbery and the penalties for a conviction can change the course of the rest of your life. Not only are you facing a lengthy prison sentence, a conviction for carjacking will lead to a criminal record that can make it very difficult for you to get a job, secure credit or even find a place to live. At James A. Bullard Jr. P.C., we understand what you are facing and we are committed to not only protecting your rights but also fighting for your future.

Defending Against Carjacking Charges in Richmond

Searching for an attorney for your carjacking case in Richmond? Being accused of a crime as serious as carjacking is a very stressful ordeal that can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty of your future. You do not have to experience this alone nor do you have to surrender your fate to the system. Our firm will not back down from a fight and we will be with you every step of the way tenaciously pursuing the most favorable possible outcome. Our firm was founded by a former prosecutor which gives us a unique insight into how the prosecution works. We will methodically investigate your case to determine if your rights were violated at any time during the course of your arrest. We will interview witnesses, gather and examine evidence and utilize every available resource to assist you in pursuing results.

Contact us online or call (804) 622-5332 to discuss your carjacking charges and learn about your defense options!

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