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Violent Crimes in Richmond

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Looking for an attorney for your violent crime case in Richmond? Due to the potentially harmful and excessive nature of many violent crimes cases, law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges take a very strict stance towards those accused of violent crime. No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, it is important to understand the serious consequences of using violent force against another individual.

In most cases the use of violence or the serious threat of violence will bump a normally misdemeanor offense into a felony charge. Felony charges bring with them serious monetary fines and very long prison sentences. If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, you should not hesitate to call a Richmond criminal defense attorney immediately.

Types of Violent Crimes

The use of violence against another living thing is strictly prohibited in almost all circumstances. The laws governing the use of violence are also strictly enforced.

There are many types of violent crimes including:

The severity of the penalties associated with these crimes depends heavily on the circumstances of your case. Inflicting debilitating injuries will heighten the potential penalties you may face. The use of a weapon while carrying out a crime will also lead to additional charges and increased penalties.

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Searching for a Lawyer for a violent crime case in Richmond? Due to the harmful nature of these criminal charges, you will most certainly face aggressive prosecution and potentially an unforgiving judge. You need to hire a dedicated attorney to stand up to your opposition and fight so that you receive a fair and unbiased trial.

At James A. Bullard, Jr. P.C. we will stand by your side throughout the entire criminal process. We are dedicated to our clients. You can rest assured that we will never back down no matter how serious or hopeless your case may seem. Contact us today to retain the aggressive defense counsel you need!

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