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Murder Charges in Virginia

Richmond Criminal Defense Lawyer

Looking for an attorney for your murder in Richmond? It is very important when faced with a murder charge to have a realistic understanding of your situation. Intentionally taking another human being's life is considered the most serious crime an individual can commit.

The consequences for willfully committing murder are severe and individuals accused of murder usually face harsh and unforgiving treatment from law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and juries alike. If convicted, an accused individual can face life in prison or depending on the degree of murder charge, the death penalty.

Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer

You should realize that no matter how hopeless your case may seem it may be possible to successfully defend you at trial. The penalties resulting from a murder conviction depend heavily on the circumstances of the crime. A skilled lawyer will be able to establish the facts of your case and shield you from any unfair speculation into the intent behind your actions.

You may not have been in complete control mentally or physically when the murder was committed. You may be completely innocent of the crime. While a premeditated murder carried out with malicious intent could land an individual with the maximum punishment imposed by the court, it is necessary to fight for every possible advantage when facing this serious criminal accusation.

Retain Knowledgeable, Aggressive Defense in Richmond, Virginia

Without a highly qualified and talented trial lawyer fighting for you, your chances of receiving a favorable verdict can be very slim. At James A. Bullard, Jr. P.C. we have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to face murder charges head on. Murder cases rest heavily on proving the intent behind a murder suspect's actions. Our Richmond criminal lawyer can aggressively fight any attempt made by the prosecution to fabricate false intent. As a former prosecutor himself, attorney Bullard knows the techniques a prosecutor will employ to secure a guilty conviction. Searching for a Lawyer for a murder case in Richmond? Call our firm at (804) 622-5332 today or contact us online to take the first step towards fighting for your future.

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