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Michigan Militia Man Faces No Charges for Possession of Illegal Weapons

David Stone has spent the last two years in jail while he waited for the final trial for the charges he faced for being a leader of a southern Michigan Militia group. His alleged group of militiamen was accused of plotting against the American government with the intentions of raising a rebellion. Even though these charges currently hang over his head, he faces no additional penalties for being caught in possession of illegal weapons just this past week. He has been out of jail a while, and for the average person they would likely be greatly penalized for such a probation violation, though David Stone did not.

According to Federal prosecution, they were seeking to have Stone in federal custody for an additional nine months, though as a result of good behavior they let him out in order to start over and clean up his act. According to the authorities involved in the case, the judge saw no reason to send the man to prison for any more time when there was no solid evidence linking him to the crimes, or his group the alleged plot for a rebellion against the government. It was supposedly a very hard defeat for the government agencies involved in this big case, they spent months investigating the crimes and the possibility of the rebellion, and even had supposed evidence from an undercover agent.

This evidence however wasn’t enough for the courts, and they determined that Stone ought to receive a second chance at starting over. At this point once the large cases of government conspiracy and treason were dropped he did admit to the possession of illegal weapons including a machine gun and a short-barrel rifle. For now David Stone is a free man and no longer has any charges against him. If you or someone you know has been accused of any sort of crime or illegal possession of weapons, contact the criminal defense attorney that you deserve. At the law offices of James A. Bullard we are committed to fight for our clients, and we want to help you get your freedom just like David Stone did.