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Suspect Convicted for Sex Trafficking a Virginia Minor

According to the Fairfax News, a 21-year-old gang member has been accused and convicted for sex trafficking an underage Virginia girl. His friends knew Ramiro Espinoza Jamacia as “criminal” and he was a member of the SUR-13 gang. His role was to lure in young girls, usually fourteen years old, into his apartment room where he would then rape them and physically assault them. After this process, Jamacia would then sell them for sex in order to make money for himself and his gang. According to a U.S. Attorney, Neil H. MacBride, the government has filed 11 separate charges against this Virginia gang for the illegal child prostitution and sexual abuse.

MacBride claims that this country hold a zero tolerance policy when it comes to human trafficking, and anything that has to do with the act of exploiting minors for sex. The FBI claims that sex trafficking is one of the hardest crimes to investigate because it often involves minors, and their hopes is to bring an end to it with this big conviction. Apparently, Jamacia is from Mexico though he is a U.S. citizen, and he is the first member of his gang to receive the official charges for sex-trafficking crimes in the Eastern District of Virginia.

As a result of these charges, Jamacia will be facing the next 168 months in federal prison, with the 10 following years of close supervision. Being accused of sex crimes of any sort is a heavy weight to carry, and shouldn’t be handled alone. At the law offices of James A. Bullard we are committed to working hard in order to defend your case. Every individual has the right to trial, and we want to help fight to have your case dismissed or reduced the sentencing. Contact our offices today for the criminal defense attorney that you deserve!