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Virginia Man Facing Charges for Crime Spree

Douglas Michael Merson was arrested in the beginning of August on charges of committing a crime spree in West Virginia’s Shenandoah County. Merson has been accused of many different offenses such as grand auto theft, burglary, avoiding police, and many more that allegedly go back into early 2011. A local sheriff, Tom Shelton, claims that in 2011 they attempted to catch this man by conducting a traffic stop though he somehow escaped and by the time the police were able to catch his car it was already abandoned by the side of the road with no sign of the accused.

Using evidence found within the accused suspects’ car, investigators were then able to connect this man with early crimes that had been reported. A local auto body shop was broken into, and the accused supposedly stoke alcohol and other prescription medications. This abandoned car was from another case which proved that it was a stolen vehicle, and due to other findings within the investigators concluded this man was also a part of a Virginia church burglary as well. Douglas Merson was later arrested while involved in another burglary in Virginia, and authorities claim that there was more evidence discovered that connected many of his crime sprees together and pointed back to him.

This man is currently in jail until his official hearing before the court is accomplished which is still yet to be decided on. While it may appear that all roads point to his guilt, there are still many reasons that could prove Merson’s innocence. With the help of a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney, the chance that you will have more invested into your case there is. At the law offices of James A. Bullard, we are committed to giving you the time and energy needed to fight for any criminal case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation, every person deserves a chance to fight for his or her freedom and we want to help you!