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Fighting Sexual Offenses

A few weeks ago I was representing an individual on a charge of aggravated sexual battery. Aggravated sexual battery is a felony that carries a penalty between one to twenty years. We tried the case with a jury. My client was accused of touching the six year old child of a neighbor. An hour after the jury went out for deliberations they came back with a not guilty verdict. We were able to successfully attack the lack of forensic evidence and cross examine a key witness and show that she was lying and not credible. Every case is different and there is no guarantee of results, but if you have a sex offense you need to make sure that the attorney representing you has experience handling those cases. Sexual crimes are highly technical offenses and if you are charged with a sex crime in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield or anywhere in Virginia you need a lawyer who doesn't just know the code section but who knows the in and outs of those cases based on trial experience. If you are charged with any sex offense please call our office and get a free consultation.