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The Benefits of Reputable Character Testimony

As anyone who has ever been charged with a criminal offense can tell you, there are many factors that contribute to a criminal case. There are also key essentials which have the potential of making or breaking such cases. One of the most beneficial moves you can make to protect your interests and defend your rights, after you have learned you are facing criminal charges, is to seek counsel from a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

The attorneys at our firm have an in-depth understanding of criminal law and we work diligently to see that our clients receive the aggressive representation they deserve, regardless of the charges levied against them. With a former prosecutor at the helm, our firm has the insight and expertise needed to see that you receive a fair and just trial. In fact, our firm prides itself on being able to review a criminal defense case, analyze the evidence provided by the prosecution, challenge any discrepancies, submit additional evidence, and relentlessly advocate on behalf of our client with the optimum outcome of having the charges and penalties reduced, receiving an acquittal, or having the charges dismissed in their entirety.

There are numerous ways in which an attorney can present additional evidence on behalf of their client. While some of that evidence may pertain to the client's whereabouts, their state of mind, and other factors, it is important that the benefits of reputable character testimony are not overlooked. As was the case with former Richmond investment banker, Allen Mead Ferguson, when his attorneys submitted close to 50 letters written by Ferguson's friends, each of them defending his character and touting his generosity. While some may question where or not an individual's perceived character or community involvement should play a role in how their sentence is determined, news sources turned to renowned white-collar criminal defense attorney, James A. Bullard Jr. for his view on the value of such letters. Attorney Bullard was quoted as saying, "When you have people who are prominent citizens writing on your behalf, that, I think does play a role...It does become part of the balancing that a judge considers."

It is that kind of thinking that gives our firm a distinct advantage when it comes to defending the rights of our clients. Since your freedom and your future depend on having an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney who is willing to entertain all legal options to provide you with the effective representation you deserve, we strongly recommend you contact James A. Bullard Jr., P.C. today.