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Prostitution Update

A while back I wrote a blog entry about the tactics that the Henrico investigators are using to investigate prostitution and solicitation charges. Currently, investigators are still aggressively monitoring and For solicitation cases they are using prostitutes that they have busted earlier to then build cases against the johns. Similarly in the prostitution cases the investigators will typically set up outside of a hotel where they believe prostitution activity is occurring and wait for men to leave. They will stop men exiting the hotel and ask them about what happened inside. Once they have an admission they will use those guys to pursue a new group of women at a different time.

The police are not just charging either prostitution or solicitation charges. When investigators are not able to make out a prostitution case against a suspected prostitute they will often try to fall back to Plan B which is getting enough evidence to pursue a conviction for 18.2-347 which is keeping or residing in a bawdy place. The bawdy place charge is basically maintaining a place typically a hotel in which to conduct prostitution. The investigators generally get the evidence to prove this case from confessions. Let me be clear about this point, 99% of the time it is in a potential suspect's interest to avoid making a statement to law enforcement. Just keep your mouth shut. Even if you think the police know everything there is no need to confirm it and remove all doubt. Another piece of advice, the police are not required to identify themselves to potential prostitutes or johns. Asking the person on the other end of the phone if he is the police is going to result in the same answer from police and potential clients alike--no. I have represented prostitutes, johns and pimps. These cases take an experienced attorney to get effective results. If you have questions about these cases please call for a consultation.