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'Not Guilty' Verdict for Felony Hit and Run Charges

This week I had a trial in Hanover on a case of felony hit and run. I was hired after my client had worked with and fired another attorney.

As a client facing a criminal charge it is critical that you find an attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced, but one that you feel comfortable working with.

I prepared for the trial and worked with my client to develop a defense. As we were preparing the defense I also reached out to the prosecutor to ask if he wanted to discuss reaching a resolution to the case. He said he wouldn't make any offer because he thought this was a serious case. We were prepared to go to trial, but I always like for my clients to have options.

I won't go into all of the details of the trial, but with a strong cross-examination of the victim that included getting him to admit he did not remember exactly what happened, and solid presentation of a plausible defense, the judge found my client not guilty. It is always a risk taking a case to trial, but having an aggressive, experienced and prepared lawyer helps even out the odds.