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Attorney Bullard Speaks on Restoring Voting Rights to Virginia Offenders

The Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation, or VCBR, is a state facility dedicated to the rehabilitation of violent sexual offenders who have served their time, but show a possible risk of re-offending. The VCBR's mission is to rigorously engage and treat these individuals and give them the resources they need to safely re-enter society. Part of this treatment is to show these individuals that they are not defined by their prior offenses and, with proper commitment, they can regain the facilities to be a contributing member of our community. Attorney James A. Bullard, Jr. has held numerous speaking engagements at VCBR for this very reason and has recently offered valuable insight on how offenders can work to restore their right to vote.

This is not the first time Attorney Bullard has been asked by VCBR to hold such a talk. He has now spoken on this topic a number of times and imparted valuable information and encouragement to VCBR residents. Under Virginia law, offenders can petition to restore their voting rights three years after the end of their sentence, provided they have no offenses or remaining court debts in the interim.

VCBR is operated by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and aims to be a example of how to treat and rehabilitate violent sexual offenders for the rest of the country. They endeavor to provide a secure, residential environment that exemplifies:

  • The highest ethical and moral standards of conduct
  • Dignity and respect
  • Professionalism, trust and integrity
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • A focus on service to the individual

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Attorney James A. Bullard Jr. has been a dedicated criminal defender for many years. His passion for advocacy affected the course of his legal career as he veered from corporate to criminal law. As a former prosecutor, he understands how the accused in our justice system can be processed and marginalized and works diligently to protect the rights and needs of his clients. He continues to dedicate his time to opportunities like the VCBR engagements to further provide legal expertise and perspective to our Greater Richmond community.

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