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Disorderly conduct is defined as behavior intended to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a public risk. Disorderly conduct can be charged when this behavior occurs in a public place including a street, building, public transport or any public place. Any actions designed to incite alarm or violence can be considered disorderly conduct.

Looking for a lawyer for disorderly conduct in Richmond? If you are under the influence of intoxicants in a public place or if you are under the influence of intoxicants and disrupt a public meeting or any school function you might also find yourself charged with disorderly conduct. Being charged with disorderly conduct is an embarrassing situation that can affect your community standing and possibly even your job. You may also face significant fines and up to one year in jail. In order to ensure you're your rights and future is fully protected, it is essential that you contact a seasoned Richmond criminal defense lawyer without delay.

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Lawyer for Disorderly Conduct Charges in Richmond, VA

Charges for disorderly conduct are a misdemeanor and may seem minor but the consequences can impact your life for years to come. Even if the case against you is dropped, without an expungement of your arrest record, having a disorderly conduct allegation in your record can affect college applications and job applications.

The damage to your reputation can take years to overcome. Of course every case is different, and James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. will take the time to carefully listen to the exact details of your case to assist you in determining all of your legal options. If you want to fight and keep your record clear, our firm will aggressively defend you. Our resourceful legal team can work with the prosecution seeking a dismissal or a reduction in penalties. Our firms drive is to achieve the optimal results that you are looking for.

Searching for an attorney for disorderly conduct in Richmond? Mr. Bullard is recognized for his impressive record of success defending the rights of the accused. He has been a legal expert on Channel 6 News and utilizes his insight as a former prosecutor to effectively defend his clients. Our firm will carefully evaluate your case and work closely with you to develop a legal strategy. For example, in disorderly conduct cases the prosecution must prove that your behavior took place in public, caused an annoyance or inconvenience and posed a danger to the public.

The burden of proof lies with the prosecution and our firm will vigorously fight to ensure that you are fully defended. We may be able to assist you in achieving a positive case outcome when you are facing disorderly conduct charges.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer from our hard-hitting firm right away for a tenacious and effective defense against disorderly conduct charges.

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