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Drug Possession in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Drug Crime Lawyer

Have you been arrested for possession? Depending upon the circumstances, the type of drug involved, and the amount, the penalties if you are convicted, range from serious to harsh. Even small amounts of marijuana can result in severe consequences in Virginia. For this reason it is crucial that you take steps immediately to protect yourself by enlisting the defense of a Richmond criminal lawyer from James A. Bullard Jr. P.C.

Potential Penalties

Searching for an attorney for drug possession in Richmond? Possession of marijuana as a first offense is categorized as a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. An additional consequence of being convicted of possession of any controlled substance includes suspension of driving privileges. Generally second or third offenses are prosecuted more vigorously than a first offense with sentencing becoming more severe with each subsequent conviction. Sentencing is also based upon the type of drug.

For example sentences for possession of ecstasy, heroin and LSD range up to 10 years in prison with fines up to $2,500, whereas sentences for possession of many barbiturates entails up to 6 months in prison with fines up to $1,000. By working with a possession defense lawyer you know has great expertise in both prosecution and defense you can rest assured that all possible legal tools will be used in your defense.

Possession Defense

Looking for an attorney for drug possession in Richmond? We understand how the stress and uncertainty which accompanies being arrested and charged with a drug offense can take over your life. We also know how important it is to fight drug crime charges. Keeping your record clean and avoiding possible suspension of your driver's license is of the utmost importance. Our legal team has handled numerous cases involving serious drug charges and obtained successful outcomes.

Take advantage of our experience and skill; call Mr. Bullard at (877) 378-6140 to discuss your defense with a respected criminal defense attorney in Richmond, Virginia. Contact us today!

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