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Kidnapping Charges

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Searching for an attorney for a kidnapping case in Richmond? Due to large potential for harm associated with kidnapping another human being, the laws are very strict and characteristically harsh towards those accused of this crime. Law enforcement agents, prosecutors, judges, and juries are never very lenient when it comes to suspected kidnappers. Kidnapping entails forcibly or coercively taking another individual and carrying that individual from one place to another against his or her will. The maximum penalty for this crime is life in prison. If you have been implicated in a kidnapping plot or stand accused of kidnapping, you should speak with a criminal attorney in Richmond, VA immediately.

By its very nature, kidnapping usually carries with it a number of other offenses. It is not uncommon for a kidnapping charge to be compounded with other charges such as assault and battery, robbery, rape, sexual abuse, and in the extreme cases even murder. If you crossed any state lines during the course of the kidnapping plot, you may also face federal charges.

The consequences of a kidnapping conviction can be profoundly devastating. Outside of any jail time, fines, or restitution, if convicted you will forever have a kidnapping conviction on your criminal record. Potential employers, current employers, landlords, and bank officials will be able to see this offense on your record if they run a background check.

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Looking for a lawyer for a kidnapping case in Richmond? At James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. we have a complete understanding of the laws surrounding a kidnapping charge. Your arrest may have resulted from a misunderstanding or a miscommunication, a case of mistaken identity or other situation.

Our firm will fight your charges and make every effort to have them dismissed or reduced. No matter what the reasoning behind your actions may have been or the circumstances of your case, a skilled attorney can negotiate on your behalf so that you have the best chance of a favorable outcome in your case.

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