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Has your child been charged with a crime in Richmond?

When it comes to crimes committed by juveniles, the justice system may tend to choose rehabilitative actions over more severe penalties such s jail time. Although this is the case, in Virginia it is still possible to face serious penalties such as time in juvenile detention, a criminal record and loss of driving privileges.

Your child's future opportunities may be greatly affected by having a criminal record. Having a skilled attorney at your child's side will help him or her greatly improve the chances of avoiding long-lasting negative repercussions such as a criminal record.

Common juvenile crimes in Richmond include:

Searching for a lawyer for a juvenile crime case in Richmond? If your child has been accused of a crime, you probably wonder what the best course of action is and what you can do to prevent your child from having to face negative ramifications. Unfortunately, being accused of a crime as a juvenile can have long lasting negative effects. In order to do everything possible to help your child remain out of jeopardy, it is advised that you speak to a Richmond criminal defense attorney at your earliest convenience.

Juvenile Crimes Defense

With experience as a prosecutor, Attorney James A. Bullard, Jr. is able to predict the actions of the prosecution which greatly benefits all young clients. Virginia juvenile law can be complex and it is important that your attorney fully understands these laws and has extensive experience in dealing with them.

We exhaust all of the legal tools available and do everything possible to help your child avoid serious penalties. In addition, we utilize all of our resources to prevent juveniles from being tried as adults. We are dedicated to our clients and aggressively fight for their rights. Need an attorney for a juvenile crime case in Richmond? Our firm has helped countless juvenile clients reduce or eliminate their charges.

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