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Charged with Vandalism?

A Dedicated Richmond Juvenile Defense Lawyer Can Help

In Virginia, the offense of vandalism is simply known as the destruction of property. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged activity, this offense can be charged under a number of different criminal statutes that can result significant penalties—even when a juvenile has been charged. If you or a loved one has been charged, it can be possible to counter this accusations and ensure you are given every consideration by a judge before a decision is rendered.

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Different Vandalism Charges

When most people think of vandalism, they think of spray painting graffiti, or "tagging." This is often the case with juvenile offenders, but Virginia provides a number of different statutes that cover all kinds of actions that are considered property destruction or vandalism.

Just some of these statutes include:

  • Injuring, etc., any property, monument (Code of Virginia § 18.2-137)
  • Destruction of posted signs; posting land of another (Code of Virginia § 18.2-135)
  • Willful and malicious damage or defacement of facilities (Code of Virginia § 15.2-1812.2)
  • Destruction of trees, shrubs, etc. (Code of Virginia § 18.2-140)

Penalties for these crimes can vary and can sometimes depend on the value of the property that has been affected. For instance, for "Injuring, etc., any property, monument," the offense is considered a Class 6 felony if it involves $1,000 or more in damage, but a misdemeanor if the damage was less expensive. For more specific information on these offenses and what penalties you could be facing, contact a dedicated and proven Richmond criminal defense lawyer today.

Protecting Your Future

As with any criminal accusation, vandalism crimes are given certain, added considerations in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. These are nonviolent crimes that are common among juveniles. However, it is possible to avoid maximum penalties and a damaging mark on young person's record. Attorney Bullard is well-versed in the branch of criminal law, knows how to navigate this court, and ensure that the best possible outcome is placed within reach.

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