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Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

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Looking for an attorney for failure to register as a sex offender case in Richmond? Many of those who have been convicted of a sex crime in Virginia completed their sentence and now must register regularly as a sex offender feel that they are continuing to be punished. We understand the stress and embarrassment which accompanies this requirement. If you forgot to register or missed a required re-registration your situation can become far more difficult. As soon as this comes to the attention of local law enforcement an investigation will begin. No matter how good your history, if sufficient evidence is found a warrant will be issued and you can be arrested for failure to register. In this case you will need the help of a skilled defense lawyer immediately.

Sex Offender Registration Guidelines

All states have a sex offender registry system for those who have been convicted of qualifying sex crime. There are minor differences between the individual states as to registration requirements, such as the time an offender is allowed in which to register. In Virginia the time allowance is very short. A person who is released after serving time has only three days to register. A change of address requires registration within three days.

An offender must fill out a registration form 10 days prior to moving out of the State. Out of State offenders who move to Virginia have three days to register. In Virginia failure to register as required is a separate offense and is vigorously prosecuted. You cannot afford to take this threat to your future lightly.

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