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Federal Sex Crime Attorney in Richmond

Are your charges filed in federal court?

There are certain types of sex crimes that will be filed in federal court. Generally, any case in which a person is transported over a state line in the commission of a sex crime, the federal government gets involved. Some of the crimes that are filed in federal court include charges of human trafficking, child exploitation, kidnapping related to a sex crime, or for the purpose of committing a sex crime, trafficking related to prostitution, and charges related to child pornography.

Need a Richmond criminal defense lawyer for a federal sex crime case? If you are accused of transmitting images to another through the mail, or through the internet, and these images are of minors engaged in sexual acts, you will likely be facing the federal authorities. There is a great deal of attention on internet crime, both at the state and federal levels, and the possession of just one image of child pornography can destroy your life. As the charges are filed based upon the number of images, the more you are accused of having or transmitting, the worse it could be if you are convicted.

Defending Federal Sex Crimes: Richmond Criminal Lawyer

One state lines are crossed, whether physically or by the use of the mail or electronic means, you are now in the jurisdiction of the federal government. Federal prosecutors are generally those who have worked their way up the ranks, are career prosecutors, and take their duties very seriously. The goal is a conviction, and with the extensive resources of the federal government at their disposal, it can appear that you are at a disadvantage.

Searching for a lawyer for a federal crime case in Richmond? As a former prosecutor, James A. Bullard Jr. has a great insight into how to best manage the defense of a federal sex crime charge. He is not intimidated by federal prosecutors, and is equally powerful when presenting a case in court. With access to highly respected expert witnesses, computer technicians, child experts and other resources, our team at James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. can powerfully defend your case in court.

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