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Searching for an attorney for lewd conduct in Richmond? The laws in Virginia can come as a shock to a person who is unaware that there are a few archaic laws that remain in on the books in this state. A charge of lewd conduct, or lewd and lascivious conduct, is filed against a person who is accused of engaging in sexual acts while unmarried that are considered to be lewd and lascivious. These crimes include those considered to be open or gross, and are generally filed as a misdemeanor.

Generally, these crimes are related to prostitution or other similar offenses. If a person is believed to have engaged in an "immoral act" with a person, not a spouse, the charges filed can be lewd conduct. This is not only embarrassing, it can be dangerous to you, your family relationships and your reputation.

Penalties for Lewd Conduct in Virginia

The penalties imposed upon a person who is alleged to have engaged in lewd acts can range as high as 6 months in jail. The time imposed by the court could be as long as six months for a first offense, and for a second offense, up to 12 months. This is the charge that can be filed against a person who tries to convince another to engage in a sexual act for money. The penalty will include not less than 60 days in jail for a first offense. A second offense can lead to time in state prison.

Defense Against Lewd Conduct Charges

Are you facing charges of lewd conduct? You need to get an experienced Richmond criminal defense lawyer on your side immediately. Attorney James A. Bullard Jr. can serve you with professional skill, and is a seasoned trial lawyer that formerly served as a prosecutor, allowing him to help you to determine the best way to get your legal problem under control. Don't let any time pass before you call the firm, as early involvement can make it more possible to seek a case dismissal or other advantage.

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