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Defense Attorney for Sex Crimes in Richmond

Are you accused of committing molestation of a child? This is a very serious offense in Virginia, and conviction can lead to mandatory sentencing of up to life in prison. As any sex crime involving children is punished harshly under state law, your future freedom is at risk, and your entire life could be turned upside down. Even just the accusation of molestation can destroy your personal and professional reputation, whether you are guilty or innocent.

The Impact of Molestation Charges in Virginia

There are increased penalties for educators, coaches, religious workers and others in positions of authority over children, including foster parents. As the state requires certain parties to report a suspected molestation case, you can be accused of the crime based upon such a report, and even lose custody of your children while the matter is sorted out.

This is a highly traumatic experience for both parents and children, and the actions taken by your attorney are extremely important with regard to having your children returned to your care. Looking for a lawyer for a molestation case in Richmond? You must retain the representation of an experienced Richmond criminal defense lawyer who knows the system and is ready to help you fight back.

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The most critical point is to contact us right away, and prior to making any statements to police or other investigators.

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