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Online Sex Crimes

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Searching for a lawyer for online sex crimes in Richmond? There are various sex crimes related to the use of the internet. These include the transmission or possession of child pornography, the luring of a minor online, and acts such as solicitations for prostitution that are offered online. Under Virginia law, §18.2-374.3 (B), (C), and (D), it is illegal to use a communication system (the internet) to solicit a minor to violate §18.2-370 or to take indecent liberties with a minor.

When online, it is impossible to know who you are chatting with, and it could be a sting operation and you may be chatting with a police officer posing as a young person. Your computer may have been accessed by another person and you are being falsely accused. Once you have made any statement to a minor, or a person claiming to be a minor that is sexual in nature, you are subject to an arrest.

Are you facing charges related to an online sex crime?

If you are accused of solicitation through the internet, or are charged with an offense related to the possession or distribution of child pornography, you may feel that your case is hopeless. However, you may have a number of defense options available. The first step is to have a Richmond criminal defense lawyer conduct a full analysis of the evidence, police procedure and all other factors in your case. If there are flaws and errors, which is often the case, you can be confident that these errors will be exploited for your defense.

Looking for an attorney for online sex crimes in Richmond? If you are facing charges, whether in state or federal court, for an online sex crime, it cannot be overstated how important it is to call our team at James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. The penalties imposed in some of these offenses are very severe; those offenses that involve children are very heavily punished. Attorney Bullard has a great deal of experience in court, having served as a prosecutor. His trial skills are exceptional, and he should review your situation on an immediate basis, so that the right defense actions are taken to help you to fight back.

Contact our firm for powerful assistance if you are accused of an online sex offense.

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