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Forgery & Counterfeiting

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Need a lawyer for forgery in Richmond? Illegally creating, using, or altering fake or fraudulent documents with the intent to deceive another individual or institution is a very serious crime called forgery. Forgery is a felony that carries with it significant repercussions. Large fines, probation, restitution, a mark on your criminal record, and the possibility of spending up to 20 years behind bars are all consequences of a forgery conviction.

If you stand accused of committing forgery in any capacity, do not hesitate to speak to a Richmond criminal defense attorney immediately. An aggressive defense attorney can negotiate on your behalf to have your charges dropped, your sentence reduced , or will pursue an acquittal at trial.

Types of Forgery

A wide variety of forgery crimes exist. These white collar crimes usually center around the creation of new false documents, making illegal changes to existing documents, or placing an unauthorized or fraudulent signature on a document. The most common forged documents include personal checks, driver's licenses, signatures, contracts, permits, financial or legal documents, and credit cards. One can also face forgery charges for creating fraudulent money, art, coins, and stamps.

If you were caught intentionally delivering or passing along forged documents you can be charged with a forgery offense. Intending to use forged documents is still considered forgery even if you were not responsible for the original creation of the false document.

Skilled Defense for Your Case in Richmond

When it comes to defending yourself against charges of forgery, hiring a skilled and highly knowledgeable attorney will greatly increase the chances that your charges will be dropped or reduced. The laws surrounding a forgery offense can be exceedingly complicated without the guidance of a competent lawyer. Looking for an attorney for your forgery case in Richmond?

At James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. we have a solid understanding of what it takes to protect your reputation from the serious consequences of a forgery conviction. These charges have the potential to ruin your career; do not sit back while everything you have worked so hard to build gets taken away from you.

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