Client Testimonials


"Hands down the BEST! Handled my case very professionally and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Very knowledgeable and ready to fight for you. I had a wonderful experience being that my situation was very stressful. Made me feel at ease and was a great source of information."- Breya B.

"It's been years since I've had to use him but he was so helpful, attentive, and really handled my son's case so professionally. He explained everything to a tee and kept him from doing time. I'd definitely recommend him!"- Reese K.

"Best lawyer I ever had hands down. He takes the time to call you and let you know everything will be ok. Not too many are like him. Bullard is the best there is. You want a fighter in the courtroom, this is the pit bull you should call. I wish I could give him 10 stars but I guess 5 will have to work. If you got a problem he got you and will make sure you're free on your feet..."- Nique H.

"Maine look I been dealing with this man for 13 years!! Serious cases still felon free‼️ You know why? Cause James don’t play I call him he calls me and checks on me thru out the year and sent all my friends to him never got a complaint!!"- Samuel O.

"Excellent person, very respectful, kind, and polite. I met him helping a friend with a ride that day, thanks to God I haven't had the need of a lawyer but if I ever need one Mr. Bullard will be the first on my call list, I will recommend him to friends and family."- Ricardo Z.

"Best court-appointed lawyer I've had, couldn't ask for a better lawyer. Mr. Bullard was nice and put all his efforts into my case even though he was appointed to me by the courts. Thanks, Mr. Bullard."- Cody D.

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