Richmond Sex Crimes Attorney

Richmond Sex Crimes Attorney

Those currently facing sex crime charges in Virginia have a lot at stake, which is why if you are currently facing such charges, it is critical that you retain the services of a seasoned Richmond sex crimes attorney at once. Contact James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. today to learn more about these charges and how our legal team can help you fight them.

Do I Need a Richmond Sex Crimes Attorney?

Being charged with a sex crime can have a lasting impact on an individual. Those charged with such crimes risk jail time, high fines, and the prospect of becoming a Registered Sex Offender, which can affect their life for years to come. This is why you cannot proceed without an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney on your side.

Simple Sexual Battery Penalties

If you’ve been accused of intentionally touching someone’s intimate parts without consent (and through either physical or verbal threats) you will most likely face simple sexual battery charges. Simple sexual battery is a Class 1 misdemeanor that may entail a 1-year jail sentence and a $2,500 fine.

Aggravated Sexual Battery Penalties

As you can imagine, aggravated sexual battery is a very serious crime, and the consequences you may face for aggravated sexual battery charges are very harsh. You will most likely face sexual battery charges if you are accused of doing any of the following:

  • Sexually abusing someone younger than 15
  • Sexually abusing a physically handicapped person
  • Sexually abusing an incapacitated person
  • Sexually abusing your child/stepchild/grandchild as a parent/stepparent/parent
  • Using or threatening to use a deadly weapon while committing an act of sexual abuse.
  • Physically or mentally injuring an individual during the act of sexual abuse.

For aggravated sexual battery charges in Virginia, you can expect to face up to 20 years in prison and a potential $100,000 fine.

Rape Penalties in Virginia

As you know, rape is the most heinous sex crime that anyone can commit. Rape is when anyone forces another person into sexual intercourse against their own will or when the individual is incapable of consent. Those charged with rape may face anywhere between 5 years and life in prison upon conviction. No one facing such charges should proceed without the assistance of an experienced Richmond sex crimes attorney.

Prostitution Penalties in Virginia

If someone is caught acting as a prostitute in Virginia, they will most likely face a Class 1 misdemeanor. Though the consequences of Class 1 misdemeanors are severe, you should note that the penalties for soliciting a prostitute or engaging in human trafficking are far worse. If you are accused of either, you will most likely face felony charges that can entail up to 10 years of incarceration and a potential $100,000 fine.

Contact a Richmond Sex Crimes Attorney

The bottom line is that if you are currently facing sex crime charges in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you need a competent legal team on your side. We are here to help. Contact James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. today to schedule your initial consultation.

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