Sex Crime Offenses In Virginia

Sex Crime Offenses In Virginia

What Are The Types Of Sex Crimes Cases Your Firm Handles In Virginia?

Sex Crime Offenses In VirginiaOur firm handles a wide range of sex crimes, including, but not limited to…

  • Rape,
  • Aggravated sexual battery,
  • Forcible sodomy, and
  • Indecent liberties.

There is another grouping of cases that relate to prostitution, including…

  • Prostitution,
  • Sex trafficking,
  • Receiving the money and earnings of a prostitute,
  • Soliciting prostitution,
  • Internet charges,
  • Soliciting juveniles over the internet for the purposes of engaging in sex, and
  • Possession of child pornography.

There are all kinds of sex crimes in the code and I’ve had experience in handling those cases both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.

If I Suspect I May Be Arrested For Sexual Assault Charge, Should I Hire An Attorney Or Wait Until I Am Arrested?

If you think that you might be arrested for a sexual assault charge, it’s important to be able to consult with and hire an attorney as soon as possible. That attorney will be able to reach out to the police officer or detective involved even before you’re charged. They will be able to figure out what’s happening and determine whether or not you should make a statement.

Having an experienced lawyer may be able to affect whether or not you’re charged. If you are charged, your lawyer might be able to prevent you from being arrested at work or in front of your family. Your attorney might be in the position to coordinate getting you turned in to the police, as opposed to having to go through being arrested on the street.

Having a lawyer that has the knowledge of the process and relationships with different prosecutors is extremely important and beneficial to you.

If I’m Being Arrested For Sexual Assault Charge In Richmond, How Soon Does It Take For Me To Get Arrested?

How soon you’ll be arrested for a sexual assult charge in Richmand will depend on a variety of factors. A main factor could be how long they’ve been investigating you.

In Henrico County, detectives pose as under-aged females and go into chat rooms or put ads on certain websites to see who will solicit them. When individuals connect with them and start to chat with them with the belief they’re chatting with under-aged girls, the detectives have a process to determine whether or not these individuals are committing or in violation of certain statutes that are in Virginia’s books.

That communication process might take multiple days and officers may go back and do some additional checking. It could then take several more days before they try to take out warrants, and then those warrants are sent to wherever in Virginia.

If a person is out of state, they can still charge them. Once those charges are out there, they can extradite them – which is to mean that they can bring them from other states to Virginia to answer for the violation of a Virginia law.

The investigation process will depend on what type of sex charge it is and how long that charge was ongoing. It could be anywhere from days to several months or even longer. This is because the detective has to meet with the alleged victim in the case.

Does Every Sex Crime Conviction Result Into The Offender Registering As A Sex Offender In Virginia?

No, every sex crime conviction doesn’t result in being on the registry. There are certain misdemeanor cases that don’t result in having to register as a sex offender in Virginia.

What Are The Most Common Reasons False Sexual Assault Charges in Chesterfield County In West Virginia Are Made Or Even Just In Virginia?

Some of the most common reasons for false sexual assault charges in Virginia are…

  • It’s a young person accusing a parent’s boyfriend or girlfriend because they don’t want them together,
  • A person has suffered trauma at the hands of someone else and a relatively innocuous action triggered them based on their past experiences, or
  • A person is using a false allegation as a means to punish someone for something unrelated.

What Is The Statute Of Limitation On Sex Crimes Charges In Virginia?

The Code of Virginia Section 19.2-8 outlines the statute of limitation on sex crime charges in Virginia. There are a variety of statutes based on the type of charge and the different kinds of statutes.

As a quick rule of thumb, however, a misdemeanor charge has a statute of limitations of one year while a felony charge has no statute of limitations.

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