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What Is Contempt of Court in Virginia?

Criminal contempt of court is behavior that disobeys, offends, or disrespects the authority or dignity of a court. To learn more, continue reading and give our firm a call today if you have any questions. Our skilled Richmond criminal defense attorney is on your side. What does “contempt of court” mean? Contempt of court is […]

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Robbery Charges in Virginia | What to Know

If you were charged with robbery, it is in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney. We are on your side. What is robbery? It is important to recognize that robbery does not just suggest the simple theft of an item. It does not necessarily include breaking and […]

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What is Probable Cause in Virginia?

It is essential to understand that police officers must exercise probable cause in order to justify an arrest or issue a warrant for an arrest. To learn more, read on and give out firm a call today. Our skilled Richmond criminal defense attorney is prepared to fight for you and your future. We are just […]

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