Can I Obtain a Restricted Driver’s License in Virginia? | What to Know

To learn more about how you can obtain a restricted driver’s license in Virginia, do not wait to reach out to our skilled Richmond criminal defense attorney today.

What is a restricted driver’s license in Virginia?

A restricted driver’s license also referred to as a hardship license allows you to drive under specific restrictions created by a Virginia court. The conditions of a restricted driver’s license can vary from case to case, and it is up to a judge to determine what your restricted driver’s license will allow.

It is important to understand, however, that a restricted license is not promised after obtaining a DUI in Virginia. Also, it is up to the judge to give you permission to drive under restricted occurrences. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can increase the chances of attaining a restricted license. Our legal team is on your side.

What will my restricted license permit me to do?

A restricted driver’s license will only allow you to do specific things. With a restricted license, your driving may be restrained to the following:

  • To and from work;
  • Only when on official business;
  • To and from school;
  • To and from medical treatment, for yourself or another authorized person;
  • To and from school, daycare, or other child-related activities;
  • To and from an authorized visitation with a child; and/or
  • To and from alcohol education and safety school.

How can I obtain a restricted driver’s license?

In the event that an individual wants to receive a restricted license, that person must ask the court that has suspended or revoked their driver’s license. In most cases, motorists will do this right after a judge has suspended or revoked their privilege to drive. Most clerk’s offices demand that a person supply evidence to the court that they actually need a restricted license. Restricted license permitted uses can be seen on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website. Once a person fills out the required forms, the clerk’s office will typically have a judge review and approve or deny the application. If approved, the person will then be given a paper version of the restricted license. If a license suspension is set to be longer than 30 days, a person will need to go to the DMV to have a hard plastic copy of their restricted license issued.

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