Virginia Embezzlement Consequences | What You Should Know

Embezzlement is a serious conviction in Virginia. If you were charged, you will need to retain the services of an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney.

What are the immediate penalties of an embezzlement conviction in Virginia?

If an individual has been charged with embezzlement, which is considered a felony in the state of Virginia, it is highly likely that the person will lose his or her job. This is because in most cases, businesses do not hire someone who has been convicted of embezzling. A convicted person will have a felony conviction on his record if it is more than $500. In the event that the sum is less than $500, the person is going to have a crime of stealing on his record and that will be a black mark on his record, even if it is considered a misdemeanor. These convictions on a person’s record are not easy to overcome. If you are encountering the consequences of this charge, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.

What are the long-term consequences of this charge?

There are a number of ways that the consequences of this conviction can be very long-term. A person will be required to pay back restitution if there was any restitution. Restitution is money owed to the other party. Additionally, any time the person is asked if they have been convicted of a crime involving lying, cheating, or stealing, they have to say yes. Similarly, if a person was convicted of a felony, they will also have to say yes. This can cause setbacks with school and employment opportunities, housing, and more.

What can cause penalties to increase for an embezzlement charge in Virginia?

The court will look at a variety of different factors when determining the penalties of embezzlement. The most important is how much money or how much property was taken. If it was $50 or $50,000, the court will as if the person that committed the crime did so one time or was it something that had been done over several years, if the relationship between the charged person and the other party, if it the charged person’s employer or an elderly family member, and if the level of trust was placed in them that they took advantage of. These are all elements that go into a Virginia embezzlement penalty to consider the harshness of the punishment.

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