What Are Virginia’s Public Intoxication Laws?

A Virginia Public Intoxication charge (Va. Code §18.2-388) criminalizes being intoxicated in public. Our firm understands the detrimental effects this charge can have on others. If you are facing these unfortunate consequences, continue reading and give our skilled Richmond criminal defense attorney. Our legal team is on your side no matter what you are facing.

What is public intoxication in Virginia?

In the state of Virginia, public intoxication laws intend to arrest the intoxicant and serve him/her punishments similar to criminals. In Virginia, public intoxication refers to the alcoholic person who is visibly and noticeably impaired in public space after consuming drugs or alcohol.

In Virginia, the forces ensure individuals’ intoxication by measuring blood alcohol concentration. If it exceeds 0.08%, the person is likely to be charged as a criminal. The reason for regarding a particular person as a criminal is that the drunk or disordered person usually disturbs others with appropriate, abusive, aggressive, or unethical behavior.

What is Virginia’s drunk in public law?

When discussing Virginia’s drunk in public law, an excessively drunk contributes to public intoxication after binging or heavy drinking. An individual may be guilt-ridden by public intoxication by behaving disorderly or participating in diminished judgment from consuming alcohol.

Upon observing the person being drunk, Virginia law enforcement must see the symptoms of intoxication, even though an individual might be able to hide the consequences after drinking. Publicly intoxicated people in Virginia have turned out to be so drunk that they are freely disturbing the peaceful environments and making others feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

This is because in some cases, intoxicated individuals start fighting with other strangers, behave aggressively in public places, and disturb other personnel around them. Furthermore, Virginia states that drunk and disordered individuals can be hasty and reckless at any time. To learn more, reach out to our firm today.

What are the consequences of public intoxication charges in Virginia?

A Public Intoxication charge in Virginia is known as a misdemeanor and is penalized with a fine and a prohibition on obtaining a concealed carry permit for 3 years. The offender can also be brought to the local jail when he is charged with being intoxicated in public and held until the police believe he has sobered up.

The fine for a Public Intoxication charge in Virginia can be pre-paid without going to court. However, pre-paying the fine is admitting guilt to the offense and will result in a conviction on the offender’s permanent criminal record that can never be expunged.

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