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If you are facing criminal charges in the state of Virginia, don't wait to call James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. Our Richmond criminal defense attorney has the credentials and trial experience needed to effectively fight your charges and advocate for your rights.

It doesn't matter what type of crime you are charged with – you need to get a seasoned attorney on your side as soon as possible. Attorney Bullard has represented clients against a wide variety of charges, and he provides knowledgeable criminal defense services for all sorts of criminal cases.

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What Sets James A. Bullard Jr. P.C. Apart?

Before starting his own defense firm, Attorney James A. Bullard Jr. worked as a prosecutor, and during this time he gained invaluable insight into the tactics the prosecution uses when trying to obtain a conviction. During his career, Attorney James A. Bullard Jr. has secured countless successful verdicts for his clients, and serves as a legal expert for Channel 6 news. We encourage you to call our Richmond firm today to learn how we can build a smart defense for your criminal case.
  • Former Prosecutor
  • Experienced Trial Attorney
  • Successful Results
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The Importance of Skilled Representation

At James A. Bullard Jr. P.C., not only do we have the legal strategies you need to have your case succeed, but we also have the insight on all laws in our state to guide us through this difficult process. We can review your case whether you have been charged with DUI, a drug offense, or a federal crime, and we will be honest with you in regards to the best possible solution.

The quality of your defense attorney will have much to do with the final outcome of your case; you deserve to have a high quality, experienced defense lawyer who is willing to focus on your case and seek out every possible advantage for you. We believe in our clients and their causes, and our firm is here to protect each individual from the moment we take on their case.

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